Welcome Back to the Junior Section BB8PJ on 10th January 2015

A very Happy New Year to all.  BB8PJ's first parade for 2015, will be held on 10th Jan

Parents' Briefing

We will be organizing a Parents' Briefing on the same day from 3:00 – 4.00 pm.  We would like to invite you to also join us for worship, which will then be followed by the briefing.


First Parade Programmes and Activities

Date    : 10th Jan 2015 ( SAT )

Time   : 1.30 pm – 6.00pm

Venue : Pantai Baptist Church, Jalan Pantai 9/7, 46000 Petaling Jaya



1.30 – 2.00pm  - Registration at Fellowship Hall (outside Cafeteria)

2.00 – 2.15pm  - Company Fall-in at PBC Front Porch 

2.15 – 3.00pm  - Worship at Main Hall PBC

3.00 – 4:00 pm - Parents: Orientation briefing in Main Sanctuary

3:00 – 6.00 pm - Members: Orientation and Programme, and Fall-out


Kindly note the following:

 1.  New Junior Members, please come in:

a) White t-shirt

b) Navy blue short with belt loop and pockets

c) Black canvas school shoes


2.  Current Junior Members, please come in full UNIFORM.


3.  Registration – All Members

a) Payment of yearly registration fee of RM 70 for each Junior member.

b) You can place order for any missing uniform parts or new uniform.


Note : New Junior members will be required to wear uniform from 1st March onward.

You may place an order for the uniform from 4th Jan - 31st January.  Total cost for uniform is RM80 which includes the following:

a) BB cap, badge

b) BB Uniform

c) BB belt

d) BB socks

e) Name tag

f) Company Mufti (light blue t-shirt)

g) Chevron


4.  2014 Std 6 Junior Members moving to Senior Section please come in:

a) Any white t-shirt (some logo/picture is ok as long as it is appropriate)

b) Track bottom

c) Sport shoes 


Please bring the following:

a) Stationery 

b) Notebook

c) Extra change of clothes


If you have any questions, please contact the Junior Officers :-

- Lt. Yap Kim Ngeok at 012-3622990     OR

- Lt. Tsen Mui Fung   at 012-2022308

The Demise of LT Tsen Mui Fung's Father


We regret to advise that the father of LT Tsen Mui Fung, Mr Tsen Kwet Hin, was called home to the Lord on 7th September in Kota Kinabalu. The wake service will be held on Sunday, 12th Oct at 7.30pm at Room 2C, Wisma Fook Lu Siew, Jalan Percetaka, Off Mile 2, Tuaran Road, 88400 Kota Kinabalu. The funeral will be on Monday, 13th Oct at 10.00am at the church. 

Please join us to keep Mui Fung and her family in our prayers in their time of mourning and for good weather so that the families can fly in from overseas back to KK. 

Parade Agenda for 20th September 2014

Dear Parents & Members,

Like to let you know that the coming Sat Parade, 20 Sept 2014 flow would be as follow.


2.00 - 2.45 : fall in & worship

2.45 - 3.30 : Re-cap Camp

3.30 - 3.50 : Refreshment

3.50 - 4.50 : wash tent / dry / pack

5.00 - 5.30 : Drill

5.30: fall out

Kindly be reminded to BRING EXTRA CHANGE, in case of getting wet, as we would be washing and cleaning the TENTS

Thank You

08PJ Junior Section

BB8PJ Enrollment and Awards Day 2014

Hi Parents/Members/Guests,

The 8th Petaling Jaya Company will be holding our very first Enrolment & Award Service this coming Saturday, 19th July 2014. This mark an important and meaningful milestone for us since our inception in January 2014. As such, we would like to encourage you to join us this Saturday. 

We would like to share with you some logistical updates for the day for your children and your family.

The members are required to be present in Pantai Baptist Church in accordance to their respective sections and activities:
Seniors - Band members: 8.00am sharp (come 10 min before time to warm up)
Seniors - Other members: 10.00am (sports attire with Coy mufti t-shirt) 
Pre-Juniors, Juniors - 12.00 noon (FULL uniform)

Photo Session
1.00 - 1.15pm - Senior Section
1.15 - 1.30pm - Junior Section
1.30 - 1.45pm - Pre-Junior Section
1.45 - 2.00pm - Whole Company

Enrolment & Award Service
2.30 - 2.45pm - Invite parents & guests to witness the Guard of Honour (GOH) fall-in
2.45 - 3.00pm - Arrival of the Guest of Honor, Inspection of the GOH 
3.00 - 5.45pm

- Marching in of the Colours into the Main Sanctuary
- Worship & Chaplain's message
- Enrolment service
- Award presentation for Pre-Juniors & Juniors
- Senior's Pesta Singing and Dance presentations
- Pre-Junior & Junior's presentations
- Senior's award presentation, promotion & discharge
- Senior's Band presentation
- Marching out of Colours
- Conclusion of service & refreshments 

Please note that we will be conducting the GOH in front of the church's main sanctuary and the whole section in front of the porch will be cordoned off. We will utilize the basketball court at No.22 Bungalow for additional parking. Please refer to the attached map for the traffic flow for the parking in the church compound. You can also park along Jalan Pantai or at the Taman Jaya car park.

NOTE: Please plan to park outside the church if you need to depart before the conclusion of the service as we will be maximizing the parking slots. 

Do not hesitate to contact the respective OICs if you have any queries. Thank you very much and hope to see you all this Saturday!

19th April Parade

Dear Parents,

Due to the set-up of canopies, dining facilities and preparations for Easter this Saturday, portions of the church building will be closed off to all access as a safety measure.

Drop-off at 2 points :-
1.  Main church at Point 1 in the map (PBC main gate)
2.  Outside of gate No. 22 (PBC's bungalow which is situated behind PBC)

Please note that cars will not be allowed inside the church compound for both the main building and No. 22


Please pick-up your child from No. 22
You can refer to the map attached for better clarification.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Map of Drop off Points   (No.22 & Main church)

Map of Drop off Points (No.22 & Main church)