The Pre-Junior Section Day Dress consists of the following:

1. Navy blue short sleeved button up collared T-shirt with the BB Emblem on the left breast pocket.
2. Blue shorts just above the knee
3. BB Field Service Cap with Junior Section Cap badge and is worn slightly tilted to the right with no visible hair on the forehead.
4. BB Belt should be worn in the middle of the pants and is aligned to the buttons of the shirt
5. Navy blue BB socks are pulled up all the way to just below the knee
6. Black canvas shoes
7. Name tag is worn just 0.5cm above the left breast pocket and aligned to the seams.
8. Badges are to be worn on the right hand sleeve laterally and 3 fingers below the shoulder flash

Click on the following link to download this manual -> Junior & Pre-Junior Uniform Manual

Badges are to be placed on the right hand sleeve and spaced accordingly as shown above.

Badges are to be placed on the right hand sleeve and spaced accordingly as shown above.


The Purpose and Place of Drill in B.B.

It is important that the real aim of drill in the B.B. should be realised by all Officers. Drill is not an end in itself, but together with Christian education and other Company activities, is a means of furthering the B.B. Object. Nevertheless, the value of drill in the Brigade must not be overlooked or minimised.


 Drill basically has a threefold purpose of:

1. Promoting habits of

(a) Obedience and Discipline. These habits are essential in the training of members, and they can be almost subconsciously acquired by means of good drill.

(b) Self-Respect. This is necessary in many ways. Drill and uniform are among the finest methods of promoting it.

(c) Self-Control. Through drill, a member is helped to become master of his own eyes, tongue and hands, and eventually his whole body, mind and spirit.

(d) Concentration. Good drill requires absolute concentration, and this can be of great value in later life.

(e) Physical Bearing. Although drill is not intended to replace Physical Education and Recreation, it is a valuable help in promoting an erect and upright bearing.


2. Developing Leadership

The young squad leader/assistant squad leader often  finds it difficult to exercise leadership and gain respect. With the natural leadership which is encouraged at drill, discipline can become easier. Drill can also provide a valuable opportunity for the leader to exercise and develop his leadership, if this opportunity is rightly and wisely used.


3. Encouraging Company

 Esprit-de-Corps, This expression has been defined as “Pride in a unit, which makes a member

ashamed to bring discredit to it, and makes him/her ready to sacrifice for it.” Drill helps to build up this spirit. It is not an individual activity, in that no one member can shine at drill, but one individual can, however, spoil the whole Company. In drill, there is no personal satisfaction for a member except the knowledge that he/she has done his/her best for the Company - and that is enough.