Seniors' Agenda for 11th October 2014

Agenda for 11th October 2014

9.00am-11.00am - Band@22 Lower Hall - Sectionals practice and to focus on new band members, NO Choir for this Sat!
11.00am - 12.00pm - Lunch@22 Kitchen + polishing of uniform parts
12.00pm-2.00pm - BB Sunday Worship and Usher Practice@Main Sanctuary at 8 - both Seniors and Juniors
2.00pm-2.40pm - BB Worship@22 Lower Hall by Senior
2.40-2.50pm - Fall in for Seniors@22 open car park
2.50-3.00pm - Settle down and prep for bible study@22 Lower hall
3.00pm-3.50pm - Bible Study@22 Lower hall by Joyce Lim
3.50pm-4.10pm - Announcements, admin and refreshments@ 22 Lower hall + Kitchen
4.15pm-5.00pm - Reopen and air tents@22 lower hall
4.15pm-5.00pm - Drill Basic@22 open car park
5.00pm-5.45pm - Company Drill@22 open car park
5.45pm-6.30pm - Games@22 open car park
6.30pm - Fall out@22 open car park

1) Recruitment booth - please confirm your plan and preparation with LT Benji Wong
2) Please bring along your RM12 to be paid for Founder's Day
3) Note that there will be no Safety & Drill badge classes for this Sat
4) Note that there will be NO choir practice this Sat