International Relations Badge

To all the members who are interested in the International Relation badge, this Saturday is the last day for you to sign up as we have to start planning , researching and contacting the both Indonesian and Philippines teams. So register with CPL Zer Jinn Ng by Sat if you have not yet. We will do a short briefing after fall-out for the badge.

Please note that those who signed up for the International Relations badge are:

Team A - Philippines:

  1. Selina Chan Nga Mun
  2. Jamie Nyam 
  3. Lee Su-Anne
  4. Lai Jia Wye
  5. David Cheng
  6. Melissa May Francis
  7. Khoo Yue Han

Team B - Indonesia

  1. Marcus Tan Jin Kiat
  2. Celine Ong
  3. Felicia Jayne
  4. Nicole Gan
  5. Kaylene Yong
  6. David Aloysius

Please click on this link -> IR requirements document, read through it carefully.

I am being very nice to you all :) .. please download the BB Asia's reports from the links below:

Update 15th May: Please complete your draft itinerary for the BB PH hosting by your team and hand it up to Lee Henn by 17th May. Thank you.