Senior's Parade Agenda for 5th July 2014

The following is the agenda for this week's parade:

8.30-11.30am - Band practice@Main Hall.8
12.15-1.15pm - Craft Adv Test@Cafeteria.8
1.45-2.10pm - Company Fall-In@Main Porch.8. Includes Colors dedication
2.10-2.30pm - Worship@Main Hall.8 - Rowen & Team
2.30-4.15pm - E&A rehearsal@Main Hall.8
4.15-4.30pm - Refreshment@Cafeteria.8
4.30-6.00pm - GOH practice@Main Porch.8
4.30-6.00pm - Worship practice@2nd Hall.8
2.30-6.00pm - Recruit own program@Upper Lounge.22
6.00-6.30pm - Announcements & Fall-Out@Main Porch.8
6.30-7.30pm - Singing team practice@Main Hall.8
6.30-7.30pm - Dance team practice@2nd Hall.8

IR teams to present to officers whenever we can find a breathing space.