Senior's Cooking Competition - All About Bacon!

Welcome to our very first BB8PJ Senior's inter-squad cooking competition! 
Let's throw the hog into the pit and cook up a feast! 

Date: Saturday, 27th September 2014
Time: 2.45 - 6.00pm
Venue: No. 22@PBC

Each squad is to prepare one appetizer, main and dessert focusing on the elements of bacon. The amount of food should be enough for 3 judges to sample and the rest of your squad to enjoy. Each squad will only be given TWO portable stoves and you have to prepare the rest yourself. You can bring any equipment that you may require but not the whole kitchen, please!

Each squad will be given RM50 for your coffer and you may need to top them up yourselves if necessary. Please do not overspend. 

The evaluation will be as follows (out of a total of 200 max pts): 

Teamwork & Leadership (20 pts)
- Does the team members work well together?
- Is everyone well utilized? Anyone lepaking or unwilling to pull their own weight?
- Are things done in an orderly manner?
- Is the team well led? Can the team leader handle the team members well?
- Are clear instructions given to all team members by their leader?

Hygiene (15 pts)
- Does the team practice good hygiene?
- Do they wash their hands and utensils before using them?
- Do they clean their raw materials properly?

Cleanliness (20 pts)
- Cleanliness of the workplace, table, stove, floor, garbage bin, pots & pans, utensils, etc before and especially after the competition!

The panel of judges will taste and judge your dishes based on the creativity of its ingredients and thoughts that go into its planning:
Creativity (25 pts)
- How creative you are to incorporate the bacon into all the 3 dishes
- How you make the hog rocks in your dishes ... Ma! There's a pig in my dessert!!

Deliciousness Factor (40 pts per dish)
- How good are the dishes in taste and for visual consumption?
- Good usage of different ingredients to complement them?
- Edibility

Have fun planning and cook up a storm!