Prejuniors In House Camp 2015

We had a wonderful time at the camp with our prejunior campers. The theme of the camp is "Fruit of the Spirit"...all campers learnt what the 9 fruits are along with the actions too.


Fri: Members checked-in, arranged their own belonging and sleeping bags in their dorms, sang worship songs and had Auntie Sue and her little one eyed friend telling us the meaning of the fruits.


Supper with friends are fun and all campers cleaned up their supper room. Movie time was fun and there was so much laughter.


During lights off, most campers were too excited, chatting , rolling around in sleeping bags before they ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.



Rise and Shine at 7am, and campers learnt how to roll up their sleeping bags, washup and settled down for a devotion time.

Next we took a walk/jog around the Taman Jaya lake and picked saga seeds along the way.


That really got our appetite ready for breakfast...homemade nasi lemak fresh from the kitchen. After a hearty breakfast all campers cleaned up the breakfast area and got ready for the burger cooking competition.


Campers were briefed on the competition rules. They were introduced to the 3 senses presentation 2. Smell....aroma of food (spices, herbs..etc) 3) Taste...salty, sweet, sour , bitter and spiciness. Now all the mini chefs are ready for the cookout.


All 3 teams washed their own potatoes, lettuce and mushrooms. Each team were given minced meat and they season it themselves. One team put extra pepper and caught one of the judges attention during tasting. Members then formed them into burger shapes and fried them too. Team learnt to crack eggs and fry their own eggs. Maybe next time we will teach them how to flip eggs without using spatula. They cut their own lettuce, mushrooms and onions. Team get to fry their own onion mushrooms and had a great time tasting it as they fry.


Finally each team assembled their own  burger for the judge. Judges were impressed by the result and taste! Though all were given same ingredients, judges could taste the different taste and texture for the burger patty and the overall burger taste.

Judges: Siew Yen, Danny & Capt William

Then the FUN part...everyone assembled their own burgers and had a fun and challenging time opening their mouth to take a bite on the tall burger. Yummy, everyone was enjoying their delicious lunch , their own hard work and sweat. Teacher Lillian cooked us all agar-agar for dessert and it goes down well with a cup of ice lemon tea. Burrp!


Campers then changed to uniform to join the juniors for worship...unfortunately we ran out of time and escaped shower time....:)  Campers had a good time during worship, learnt about Easter from Sir Loh and back to class for craft time..making bananas, grapes, strawberries...etc from dry clay. The camp ended up with the announcements on the MasterChef Competition results together with marks for cleanliness and hygiene. Claimed their prizes and fall-out..had marshmellows and bananas and cakes for snacks.Thank you God for a wonderful camp and keeping everyone safe and happy.

Squad Patience : Champion

Squad Self-Control : 1st runner-up

Squad Kindness : 2nd runner-up

Camp Commander: Lt Sook Fun

The team (not in pictures): Teacher Lillian Yap, Teacher Yew Thai, Caden, Ashleen