So who are we exactly?

We are the Boys' Brigade in Malaysia 8th Petaling Jaya Company established in 2014 when we held our very first parade on 4th January 2014. 

Anyone aged 6-19 are more than welcomed to join us! Our main company comprises of :

  • Pre-Juniors (Ages 6 - 8)
  • Juniors (Ages 9 - 12)
  • Seniors (Ages 13 -19)

For non-traditional participants over the age bracket, we would like to invite you to join us to serve the members together as Helpers, Instructors and Officers. 

We are a Church-based Christian Uniform unit that does all sorts of cool stuff every week including:

  • Drill (marching),
  • Bible study,
  • Worship,
  • Games,
  • Badge classes (Awesome classes where we learn lots of new skills and acquire badges!),
  • Band practice,
  • Camps, Outings and lots lots more!

We organize many camps throughout the year for our members and feature lots of great experiences not to be found anywhere else. (Check out our gallery for pictures!)


8th Petaling Jaya Company

The set up of our Company is as follows:

Chaplain: Pastor Phillips Koh

Captain: Capt. Lee Henn

Seniors: LT. Benji Wong (OIC), LT. Daniel Chin (AOIC), LT. Timothy Chan, LT. Joyce Lim, LT. Ng Sherwin, LT. Chin Yvonne, WO. Samuel Low & SSGT. Esther Ong

Juniors: LT. Yap Kim Ngeok (OIC), Lt. Tsen Mui Fung (AOIC), LT. Helen Liew, LT. Bobby Tan, LT. Kevin Kok & LT. Olive Chen.

Pre-Juniors: LT. Karen Choy (OIC), LT. Hui See (AOIC), LT. Foo Wee Lee, & LT. Woo Sook Fun.

Along with our dedicated group of Instructors, Bible Teachers and Helpers :o)