SENIORs: Cooking Competition on 13th June 2015 - Leaves, Grass, Bark & Spices


Please do work with your squad to finalize your cooking competition details for 13th June 2015. We will start cooking right after worship. Some updates:

  1. You will be provided with the condiments. Should you choose to use your own, that is acceptable
  2. You CAN season or marinate your meat or prepare your sauces ahead of time at home but please note that this is only for things that will require some time to set/marinate and cannot be prepared on the spot.
  3. There will be 3 judges to sample the food. Just make sure there is enough sample size for 3 persons. You will also need to have enough food to share with your whole squad.
  4. Each squad will be given only 1 stove so plan accordingly.

Please contact Lt. Lee Henn if you have any queries or need any clarifications. Thank you.