SENIORs: Survival Camp Note to Parents

To the Senior's Parents,

Please note that safety is our outmost consideration and priority for our upcoming Senior's Survival camp. The reason why your child is unable to tell you much is because they have been minimally informed in order to train them to be able to  expect the unexpected. We plan to help them discovery where their personal envelope is and to push beyond that. We are working together with an experienced Adventure Outfitter who will be facilitating all the activities. Please ensure that they do get enough rest the night before and do keep us all in your prayers.

Venue: Gopeng, Perak
Going: Assemble at the No.8 Cafeteria at PBC by 7.00am sharp on Thursday, 16th July. Bus leaves at 7.30am sharp.
Return: Back to PBC by 5.30pm on Sunday, 19th July (ETA)

In the event of emergency, please call any of the officers' mobile as there should be some mobile coverage where we will be.

Do cover us in your prayers for:
1.    Journey's mercy for the travelling from PJ to Gopeng and back 
2.    Good weather as the members will be hiking into the campsite and living under very basic condition 
3.    Safety for all the activities that we will be carrying out 
4.    Protection from harm, illnesses and medical problems. 
5.    Pray that the members will learn to trust and lean on God in their times of need and suffering as well as to learn to take care of one another 
6.    Pray that all the officers will be able to oversee the camp with God's wisdom and guidance

Thank you.