SENIORs - Awards

For those interested in taking up badges this year, here is the list of badges you can take:

1) Christian Education
2) Arts
3) Crafts
4) Hobbies
5) International Relations
6) Nature Awareness

* Most of the awards above require you to write an individual report so do speak to your officers before starting.

We will also be having:
1) Swimming
2) First Aid
3) Camping
4) Expedition

**3 & 4 is TBC depending on the Survival Camp this Raya.

Class-based awards we have:
1) Fire & Rescue
Tentatively starting on the 20th Feb-30th Apr
Test date: 7th May
Retake date: 14th May

2) Citizenship
Tentatively starting on the 21st May

If you have any other questions, do talk to any of your officers. 
So yea, do take note. All the best.

                                                                                                                                              - WO Yvonne