SENIORs: Breakfast with the Band 2016 on 19th March 2016

Please remember to remind your parents of the upcoming Breakfast with the Band where we invite the parents and family members to join us for an open day where they get to see what their kids have been doing every Saturday morning with the band, allow them to ask the officers and band instructor questions, and especially to encourage their own kids that their parents do care about what they do. So do please come and bring the family! Breakfast will be presented by the members!

Two more days to go!!

Date: Saturday, 19th March 2016
Time: 8.45am - 11.00am
Venue: Lower Hall, No. 22 Bungalow, PBC

8.45am-9.00am: Intro for Mr. Edwin, Band instructor
9.00am-9.30am: Band Practice Session
9.30am-10.15am: Breakfast & Fellowship
10.15am-10.30am: Band Performance
10.30am-10.45am: Q&A with Mr. Edwin
10.45am-11.00am: Group Photo