SENIORs - BB8PJ Citizenship Awareness Tour

As part of our Citizenship badge and initiative, the whole Senior Section, including the recruits, will be taking a guided tour to the National Monument, ASEAN Exhibition, National Museum, Bank Negara’s Sasana Kijang – Museum & Art Gallery, Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial and Dataran Merdeka.


Seniors, please mark your calendar for this exciting trip!


Date: 9th April 2016 (Saturday)

Time: Assemble in PBC’s No. 8 Cafeteria by 7.15am and return to PBC by 7.00pm

Cost: RM15 (for entrance fees & bus)

  RM 15-25 (for lunch at Sasana Kijang BNM) – you can pack your own lunch if you choose to but please make sure there is no pork

Dress code: Mufti