SENIORs - Announcement!

Hi all, just for everyone's info:


Attire for this saturday: company MUFTI


Attire for Sunday, those involved in concert (band, ushers, food team): Day dress


Concert timeline:


1.30- 2.00pm change, warm up and tune, chairs/perc instruments to be set up

2.15pm band to standby

2.25pm visitors seated

2.30pm welcome and introduction by Uncle Hwee Soo


2.40pm songs:

American Patrol

Eternal Father, strong to save

P Ramlee



3.00pm Bethesda sharing by W/O Rebecca Choy and collection

3.15pm Intermission


3.20pm songs:



A Song for Japan

John Williams in Concert

3.40pm end


Lunch will be sold at RM10 for fundraising :)


Shoutout to anyone interested in helping us in food sales and ushering, please contact SSGT Jia Shiuan! thanks :)