SENIORs - Citizenship Awareness Tour Updates

Citizenship Awareness Tour
We have a confirmed number of 56 members going. A such we will be getting a 44 seater bus and a 15 seater van. If there is any changes, please work it out among yourselves. If you don't show up after confirmation, you will still have to pay for whatever arrangements that have been confirmed.
Squad leaders, please publish the names of those going here to ensure that we have not missed anyone out and for headcount on Saturday.
Please bring a big water bottle, cap/hat (any is fine as you will be outside for a bit), RM15 for the entrance and bus fees as well as RM15-25 for your lunch and snacks.
See you all on:
Date: Saturday, 9th April 2016
Venue: No. 8 Cafeteria, PBC
Time: 7.30am for departure and 7.00pm back to PBC (est)
Anything else, do contact any of the Senior officers. Thank you.