SENIORs: Bukit Gasing Hike on 21st May 2016


As you guys may have already heard, we will be hiking up Bukit Gasing this coming Saturday (21/5). We will meet as usual parade time from 2.00 - 6.30pm. Dress code for parade will be sports/hiking attire (you do not need to come in mufti or uniform) with sports/hiking shoes but please no revealing clothes.

We will split the section into Platoon 1 and 2. Platoon 1 will head up to Bk Gasing using the counter clockwise Southern route while Platoon 2 will take on the clockwise Northern route. There is a map of Bk Gasing attatched here so please do take a look at them and be familiar with the place especially the terrain.

Platoon 1
Head to the Main Entrance into the nature park south of the playground
Head towards Checkpoint 1 - the Watch Tower
Proceed northwards pass the "Killer Stretch" and loop down to the suspension bridge
Exit from the Northern exit near Jalan 5/17
Head back to 22 in PBC

Platoon 2
Head to the Northern entrance by Jalan 5/17
Head towards the suspension bridge and loop up towards the "Killer Stretch" 
Head south towards the Watch Tower
Head down and out from the South Main Entrance
Head back to 22 in PBC

Things to bring:
- Backpack
- Drinking water bottle(s) (bring sufficient water cuz it's gonna be very hot)
- Towel
- Poncho
- Cap/hat
- Your shoes you are planning to wear to hike into the camp
- One full set of dry clothes, towel, shoes etc in the event you get all soaked in the rain (to be left behind in 22)

I would suggest bringing 2 bags along, one for the hike and the other to leave at no.22 with the rest of your items. If you do have waterproof bags (10-15 litre) those are perfect for the hike.
Oh and remember to pray for good weather, unless you fancy a free mud bath in the jungle. 

From LCPL Thomas Cowie 

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