SENIORs - Attendance


Please find the latest attendance update (before taking into account the leave forms submitted recently). We will take the attendance up to end July. The last day for submission of your leave forms will be by 30th July. After that we will finalize your overall attendance which will determine if you will be receiving your award on E&A or not.


I will NOT chase you anymore. Your attendance, Your awards, Your promotion - all your OWN responsibility!


Platoon Leaders - Please make sure all the Squad Leaders brief their members on this and what it means.

Squad Leaders - Please make sure your communicate CLEARLY to ALL your squad members on this.


I will attach the detailed attendance file below so you can determine your presence and absence.


Looking at the current market rate which is up to June 2016, we may not need to invest much money on badges or NCO chevrons.



Your list is there as well. Please go through them carefully. If you were from Junior Section and is going for Link and Junior Service Award, please read the handbook and find out how you can qualify. Not sure, ask your Recruit Team NCOs.


Thanks!                          - Sir Lee Henn