Announcement for Community Service

Hi guys! In light of those who do not have FB access, updates and posts regarding Kenosis is now being posted onto the WEBSITE at under ‘Company Announcements’ (Credits: LCPL Chow Xin Yan). You now have 2 sources to go to. FB and now the website.

1. For those who do not have FB access, the website is your next best option. Right now you don’t have any excuse saying that, ‘I didn’t know I’m suppose to go’ or ‘I don’t have a replacement’ because right now we’ve enlightened the burden for you by posting at 2 different areas.

2. Please read the announcement THOROUGHLY and PLEASE do not miss out the ‘find a replacement if you couldn’t make it and inform that person to contact the respective NCOs’. If you couldn’t make it for Kenosis, kindly attach your replacement’s name at the comment section or contact the NCOs directly.

3. Weekly updates will be posted on Wednesday (both FB and the website) and latest confirmation of availability is by Thursday night, 10pm.

4. Always bear in mind that you’re doing this for the people, not for the badge. Remember.

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact LCPL Xin Yan or LCPL Jia Rou.