Buttonhole Test Results!

Hi Recruits!

On the 11/4/15, we will be going through once more with you your Buttonhole test papers. If you were not present for the first revision session, it is advised that you show up for this one.

Your resit will be held on the 18/4/15. It will be 80% the same paper, with a few changes here and there. The passing mark will be 90% as opposed to the previous one of 80%. There will be no more resits again after this. If you fail, sorry. Study hard guys.

Below is the list of recruits that did not pass and will be resitting on the 18th:
1. Branda Cheong
2. Elvis Tan
3. Jeremy Doink Ethan Kuan
4. JC Chan
5. Lee Jia Cherng
6. Kaithlenn Sim
7. William Tan
8. Ashley Loh
9. Brandy Tsai
10. Cheng Yang
11. Jimmy Kwong
12. KaiXin Tan
13. Joshina Heng
14. Teng Jin
15. Gregg Lim Phang Choon
16. Sue Zen
17. Alysa Wong
18. Shi Ying Ang Nicol
19. Rui Zhe
20. Ivan Kun Yan Jun
21. MIng Zhou
22. Jian Ming
23. Rachel Chin
24. Roxanne Liang

Belos is a list of recruits that PASSED AND WILL NOT BE RESITTING:
1. Clarissa Wong
2. Luke Thompson
3. Olivia Chiong (Congrats on getting the higest score btw :))
4. Ethan Ong
5. Elisabeth Chan
6. Gabriel Chong

If you did not attend Bootcamp, please let me know. You will sit for the test on the 18th.

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Cpl Jia Wye C: