Target Theory Test: Results and Retakes

Hey Recruits! 

To those who have sat for your Target Theory Test last week (2nd June 2018), we have completed marking your papers. If you do not receive a pm from us by Thursday, then you have passed your Target Theory Test. 

In the event that you do receive a pm from us, please note that the next retake for Target Theory is on the 30th of June 2018. Be sure to study hard for it.

To those who have yet to sit for Target Theory, make sure you come for parade on 30th June 2018 to sit for the test as the last week for resits is on 7th July 2018 (meaning you only have one chance to resit if you don't pass the first time). (With the exception of Recruit Joshua Koh).

If you have read this post, please make sure all your fellow recruits are informed as well.

Drill Camp Updates & Info

Hey Recruits! As promised, here is all the information pertaining to drill camp and test retakes.

Drill Camp:

  1. Time: Drill Camp will officially start at 7pm. We understand that quite a number of you are not able to arrive at 7pm, therefore there will be an allowance of one hour for those with valid reasons for not being able to arrive on time.

  2. Please arrive with dinner already eaten as dinner will not be provided for Day 1 (Friday).

  3. Attire: Arrive in sports attire.

  4. Bring both your Recruits Uniform, and also your uniform that you have received last Saturday.

Test Retakes

Recruits retaking Songs Test:

  • Brian Leong
  • Gan Jun Zhao
  • Isaac Toh
  • Suvin Chin Chandran
  • Teh Jun Keat


Recruits retaking Bugles Test:

  • Aaron Soong
  • Chin Yu Xuan
  • Damian Tho
  • Isaac Toh
  • Jocelyn Thomas
  • Matthew Ashton Lim
  • Siew Ken Sheng
  • Suvin Chin Chandran
  • Teh Jun Keat
  • Trinity Wee


Recruits rataking Knots Test

  • Brian Leong
  • Chan Wai Mun
  • Chin Yu Xuan
  • Gan Jun Zhao
  • Matthew Ashton Lim
  • Teh Jun Keat


Recruits retaking/taking Buttonhole Test:

  • Brian Leong
  • Chin Yu Xuan
  • Damian Tho
  • Gan Jun Zhao
  • Isaac Toh
  • Sim Xin Er
  • Suvin Chandran
  • Teh Jun Keat
  • Matthew Ashton Lim


Recruits retaking/taking Cooking Test:

Team 1

  • Brian Leong
  • Suvin Chin Chandran
  • Trinity Wee


Team 2

  • Gan Jun Zhao
  • Siew Ken Sheng
  • Teh Jun Keat

Team 3

  • Isaac Toh
  • Matthew Ashton Lim


Rubric for Cooking Test

  1. Each team is to prepare five portions of boiled rice, fried egg (sunny-side up), and one stir-fried vegetable.

  2. You are not allowed to pre-prepare anything from home.

  3. You are required to use mess tins instead of pots/pans. one stove per team will be provided.

  4. You are to bring all of the ingredients and utensils you need.

  5. You may not use a rice cooker.

You are given a total of 2 hours to cook and present to the testers. Bear in mind that even though you will be working in groups, you are being assessed individually.


Please do not feel discouraged if your names are on these lists, but understand that we want you to receive your Target badge and graduate into Blues being able to say that you have gone through all of these tests and trials and have succeeded and have even picked up new skills along the way. Study hard, prepare well, and you will surely be able to pass.


To those who are not retaking cooking test:

While cooking test is going on, you will be cooking your own lunch. What you want to prepare or cook is completely up to you. Here are your teams:


Team 4

  • Chin Yu Xuan
  • Joseph Wong
  • Britney Ong


Team 5

  • Chan Wai Mun
  • Damian Tho
  • Jocelyn Thomas

Team 6

  • Sim Xin Er
  • Aaron Soong
  • Joshua Koh


  1. You may choose to prepare your lunch as individual teams, or split the work among the teams. We leave this choice up to you to plan.

  2. You are to bring whatever ingredients and utensils that you may need.

  3. You will have a total of 2 hours to cook and eat your lunch.

  4. You will be provided with one stove per group.


If you have any questions, please do ask in the comments. See you all on Friday!

Cooking Test Team Reshuffling

Due to some changes, there will be a reshuffling of your cooking test teams. The new teams are as below.

Team 1

  • Brian Leong Zee Hin
  • Britney Ong
  • Damien Tho You Chen
  • Chin Yu Xuan

Team 2

  • Joseph Wong Yew Hwa
  • Jocelyn Thompson
  • Isaac Toh
  • Aaron Soong Yujien

Team 3

  • Teh Jun Keat
  • Sim Xin Er
  • Joshua Koh Jing Liang
  • Trinity Wee Thong Ern

Team 4

  • Siew Ken Sheng
  • Chan Wai Mun
  • Gan Jun Zhao
  • Suvin Chin Chandran



1. Each team is to prepare five portions of Boiled rice, fried egg (sunny-side up), and one stir-fried vegetable.

2. You are not allowed to pre-prepare anything from home.

3. You are required to use mess tins instead of pots/pans.

4. You are to bring all of the ingredients and utensils you need. Stoves will be provided.

5. You may not use a rice cooker.


I very strongly encourage that each of you contact your teammates and plan for your cooking test properly. If you have any other questions, please ask in the comments.

Attire for Boot Camp Day 1 Registration

Hey Recruits!

As informed earlier, please arrive in your RECRUITS UNIFORM which consists of your cap, belt, recruit’s t-shirt, name tag, BB socks, and boots.

For those of you who have yet to receive your name tags, don’t worry, you will receive it upon registration.

For those of you who have yet to receive your BB socks, you will receive them upon registration as well. You may arrive in your sports shoes, but must change into your boots as soon as you receive your socks.

If you have any questions regarding attire, please do ask in the comments. See y’all on Saturday morning, 8.30am sharp!

Recruits 2017

This message goes out specifically to the RECRUITS!

Recruits, listen up.
As you may know your DRILL TEST is THIS SATURDAY (3rd JUNE 2017). You will be assessed on BOTH SQUAD and INDIVIDUAL drill. Please refer below for the following criteria to emphasise on during the assessment.



You will be assessed on the following criteria:


You will be assessed on the following criteria:

You will be tested on the following syllabus:
- hadapan
- kiri
- kanan
e. PUSING (BOTH stationary and mobile)
- belakang
- kiri
- kanan

1. Uniform inspection will be carried out before the test.
- Please ensure your uniform is in TIP TOP CONDITION.
- Nametag at certain measurement and no loose and hanging thread. You would know what to do with it.
- Ensure all brass parts are WELL POLISHED. BOOTS to be well polished as well. Please be careful with your boots! Don't burn them!
- Uniform shirt and pants, SINGLE MILITARY PRESS should be there. No additional creases, no holes due to burning. Sleeves nicely rolled up. ALTER PANTS if necessary.
- Please TRIM your NAILS.
- Hair MUST be tidy.
- Socks to be folded at the same width as the other.

2. For those who couldn't make it this coming Saturday, worry less about the test. You will have your shot at taking it.

3. James Lim and Thomas Toh, please take note.
You will be taking the test with the rest of the recruits as well. Go through of what you have learnt and ensure that you come PREPARED.

That's all from me. All the best and see you tomorrow.
God bless!


Hi recruits! Attached here are worksheets 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 4

Worksheet 5

Worksheet 6

Worksheet 7


Hey Recruits! This week (28/05/2016) will be your retake for Bugle Test. So far, only two recruits have passed (Rec. Jonathan Chin and Rec. Nicholas Wong) This means that the rest of you will be resitting for your Bugles this week. Remember that teamwork is important and that you all should work together to help each other do as best as you can. Study hard, and all the best! 

Knots and Songs Test

Hi recruits! Hope all of you have fully recuperated from drill camp. A reminder to wear your full uniform starting this Saturday! All those whose pants are too long, please get them altered (by folding the  excess and sewing it cause you may grow taller). Also, this Saturday, there will be a refresher course for your knots since your knots and songs test is on the 14TH OF MAY! Remember that this contributes to your Target badge! Thanks.


                                                                                                                                                              - Cpl Celine

2016 Worksheets

Hey Recruits! Here are the worksheets we hand out every week. If you are absent, please download your worksheets here, study them, and hand them in the next week. Also, do remember to get ready for your test. If there is anything you are unsure of, do ask your NCO buddies or Recruit NCOs.

                                                                                                                                                              - Cpl Celine












2016 Recruits: Reminder for recruits on parade 16.1.2016

Dear Recruits, you are reminded to:
1) Finish your worksheet for the past week
2) To complete and pass up the database form to the recruit team this week
3) To remember to bring the money for the payments.
4) To watch the drill video linked:

Remember that you have a test after the worksheets so study for it


Buttonhole Test Results!

Hi Recruits!

On the 11/4/15, we will be going through once more with you your Buttonhole test papers. If you were not present for the first revision session, it is advised that you show up for this one.

Your resit will be held on the 18/4/15. It will be 80% the same paper, with a few changes here and there. The passing mark will be 90% as opposed to the previous one of 80%. There will be no more resits again after this. If you fail, sorry. Study hard guys.

Below is the list of recruits that did not pass and will be resitting on the 18th:
1. Branda Cheong
2. Elvis Tan
3. Jeremy Doink Ethan Kuan
4. JC Chan
5. Lee Jia Cherng
6. Kaithlenn Sim
7. William Tan
8. Ashley Loh
9. Brandy Tsai
10. Cheng Yang
11. Jimmy Kwong
12. KaiXin Tan
13. Joshina Heng
14. Teng Jin
15. Gregg Lim Phang Choon
16. Sue Zen
17. Alysa Wong
18. Shi Ying Ang Nicol
19. Rui Zhe
20. Ivan Kun Yan Jun
21. MIng Zhou
22. Jian Ming
23. Rachel Chin
24. Roxanne Liang

Belos is a list of recruits that PASSED AND WILL NOT BE RESITTING:
1. Clarissa Wong
2. Luke Thompson
3. Olivia Chiong (Congrats on getting the higest score btw :))
4. Ethan Ong
5. Elisabeth Chan
6. Gabriel Chong

If you did not attend Bootcamp, please let me know. You will sit for the test on the 18th.

As usual, like this post.
Cpl Jia Wye C:

Packing List for BOOT CAMP!

Are you ready? Boot Camp is around the corner! And here is the packing list!
It is 2 Pages! so please click on the image to read the whole thing!
*Click on image to open in word document 

PLEASE BRING MESS TINS! And own Forks and Spoon!
(*it's left out of the packing list so do take note!)

*if no mess tins, a container will also do


Urgent! Boot Camp!


Please notify your shoe sizes to CPL Jia wye or LCPL Jamie ( eg: 6, 7, 8, 9) through facebook by 1st March. 

Boot Camp

Boot Camp this year will be held with the following details:-
Date: 13-15 March

Location: Pantai Baptist Church

Please print it out and get it read and signed by your parents as soon as possible.
Once done, please pass it to CPL Jia wye or LCPL Jamie

*Click on the image to download