Cooking Test Team Reshuffling

Due to some changes, there will be a reshuffling of your cooking test teams. The new teams are as below.

Team 1

  • Brian Leong Zee Hin
  • Britney Ong
  • Damien Tho You Chen
  • Chin Yu Xuan

Team 2

  • Joseph Wong Yew Hwa
  • Jocelyn Thompson
  • Isaac Toh
  • Aaron Soong Yujien

Team 3

  • Teh Jun Keat
  • Sim Xin Er
  • Joshua Koh Jing Liang
  • Trinity Wee Thong Ern

Team 4

  • Siew Ken Sheng
  • Chan Wai Mun
  • Gan Jun Zhao
  • Suvin Chin Chandran



1. Each team is to prepare five portions of Boiled rice, fried egg (sunny-side up), and one stir-fried vegetable.

2. You are not allowed to pre-prepare anything from home.

3. You are required to use mess tins instead of pots/pans.

4. You are to bring all of the ingredients and utensils you need. Stoves will be provided.

5. You may not use a rice cooker.


I very strongly encourage that each of you contact your teammates and plan for your cooking test properly. If you have any other questions, please ask in the comments.