SENIORs - Agenda for CNY Outing (13th Feb 2016)

9.00am-9.30am - meet at PBC
9.30am-10.00am - depart from PBC
10.00am-10.45am - swimming badge/ set up & games
10.45am-1.00pm - games
1.00pm-2.30pm - lunch & chill
2.30pm-3.15pm - clean up & change
3.15pm-3.30pm - depart to PBC

1) sunblock/sunscreen is NOT allowed in the pool
2) for those entering the pool, please wear a
girls-(dry-fit shirt and board shorts with your swimming attire inside)
boys-(swimming trunks instead of board shorts is ok, no shirt needed unless you really want to)
3) for those who haven't paid your Rm20, PLEASE DO ON THE DAY ITSELF.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask either Marcus Ian Yong, Thomas, myself (Qi En), or any of the officers :B

                                                                                                                                                        -LCpl Qi En