OH WHAT LOVE! - Watoto Children's Choir

The Watoto Children’s Choir is comprised of orphans based at Watoto Church in Kampala, Uganda. They will be performing at PBC on:
Date : Thursday 18 February 2016
Time : 8pm
Venue : PBC Main Sanctuary
Admission is FOC and all are welcome!

Do please come and bring your family and friends along as well.

There will also be merchandise for sale, such as CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and handmade crafts made by HIV ladies on the day of performance. There is also a ‘Sponsor a Child Program’ which is their greatest need. This sponsorship can be a choice of a one-time donation or a long term commitment.

The Senior Section will be helping to man the booths for the merchandise sale as well as the Sponsorship program. For those who have already signed up, please be in PBC by 7.00pm dressed in mufti and with dinner in your stomach. It will be from 7.00 to 11.00pm. Anyone else interested, do please contact Lt. Lee Henn. Thank you very much!